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Actibus VIP Business - meet and greet service
Ben-Gurion Airport or any other pickup location


Whether you are traveling to Israel for business or pleasure, you're welcome to experience our reliable and high-class Actibus VIP transportation services from and to the airport.
our services ensure an easy, fast, and hassle-free journey throughout Ben-Gurion airport. 

We'll make sure that the reception in Israel and the departure along our private Meet and Greet VIP business will be warm and unique.

Actibus VIP  service – Landing in Israel

Actibus VIP service - landing in Israel
Our VIP  representative at Actibus will welcome you from the aircraft dock and assist you with all handbags.
The representative will help bypass long queues and accompany you to a separate VIP line.
Passport control is aided by all the formalities at the airport and helps to complete
security procedures, immigration, and luggage collection.
Convenient and safe, the representative will accompany you to your own
Air-conditioned VIP car, and our dedicated driver will take you to the desired destination without any unnecessary delays.
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Actibus VIP service – Departing from Israel  

fast track departure service at Tel-Aviv airport

Actibus VIP service - Fast departure service at Tel Aviv Airport
Our fast departure service at Tel Aviv Airport includes meeting our Actibus VIP
representative  who'll will meet you before entering the hall and will assist you with all your luggage.


He'll accompany you to a dedicated VIP hall where you will undergo quick security checks and a check-in process.

Procedures will take place in the VIP hall or on the counters upstairs.
   (Depends on the flight).


You'll will be accompanied by a quick handbag security line and expedited passport control.


our representative will accompany you to the plane gate or lounge where you can relax and enjoy light refreshments until the flight.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, have a nice flight!

Available to all passengers on any airline and in any ticket class. Actibus provide invaluable airport services for thousands of passengers every year, from tourists and families, to VIPs and corporate customers.

Our Customers

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For us your safety comes first

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