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Actibus VIP Business Transfers

Whether you are travelling to Israel on business or pleasure, you are welcome to experience  Our Actibus VIP reliable and high-class transportation services 

We guarantee you a private VIP business transfer only for you and your party,  a First-class and reliable service with maximum satisfaction to your chosen destination.

We delivered famous characters and international travel agents from all around the world to their executive meetings. 



Actibus VIP  Chauffeurs 

Our Actibus well-trained chauffeurs are at the clients’ disposal to take care of every requested private or business transfer with the highest level of professionalism and delicacy.

Our fleet consists of a huge variety of exclusive vehicles,

Mercedes Benz brand, S Classes, E Classes, V Classes

First class Cadillacs XTS,

minivans, minibuses and buses

which guarantees valuable customers to experience a safe and enjoyable drive.

Our Actibus  VIP business transfer services are exactly what you require for a taste of luxury all along with comfort. 
Our services is Available to all passengers on any airline and in any ticket class.
We provide invaluable airport services for thousands of passengers every year, from tourists and families, to VIPs and corporate customers

Our Customers

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For us your safety comes first

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